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SM Hotel Maison Loeffel - the unique fetishworld in the Vosges  


Welcome !  

Nice that you found your way to us.

Enjoy SM and fetish to the fullest for a weekend, a holiday in a class of its own.  No matter if in the sign of O or rather FemDom with Sub. Both with a suitable guide and programme.

Otherwise, twice a year we have a Saturday evening soirée with first-class finger food and the opportunity to play extensively in our rooms. A few double rooms are available for guests, all others have to leave the house at the end and either go home or to a self-organised hotel. 

Experience your own personal dream world in a 200-year-old French manor house in a small town in the Vosges Mountains. In stylish, exclusive double rooms and playrooms with unlimited possibilities, you can let your imagination run wild and experience an unforgettable weekend.

With us, you can freely live out your own fetish with your partner. We are also happy to support beginners with information and instruction.

Let us spoil you - whether in our wellness area with sauna and whirlpool, at breakfast or 3-course dinner in the evening.

It's YOUR weekend!

Come as guests and leave as friends 


  We look forward to your visit!

As we are interested in a variety of use we offer you besides the two types of guided weekends and the soirées also the possibility to define weekends which are not blocked by planned weekends either with your friends a weekend with BDSM by yourself. So if you want to experience a weekend without a programme by us, but are at least 3 couples, get in touch, we will then see if it fits with our schedule, because at least we will provide the first-class catering, and we have to be able to be there for that. Also black weddings with emotional live music, wedding cake and much more, everything is possible. Just ask, we will make you an individual offer. 

Just have a look at our dates and enquiries, then you will already know what is blocked, by whatever. The 'private weekends' with their own theme will also be listed here after we have received your confirmation. Maybe you will find someone you always wanted to meet (black weddings are of course closed events).

Of course we are always available for questions and reservations. You can reach us by e-mail, see also the dates & enquiries with the date options offered. 


We are present at following fares:

In 2023 we have no time for fares.

Otherwise, you can also find us in JOYclub at JOYclub.com, where we also advertise our weekend events:



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