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SM Hotel Maison Loeffel - the unique fetishworld in the Vosges  


Welcome !  

Nice that you found your way to us.

Enjoy SM and fetish to the full for a weekend, a holiday in a class of its own.

Experience your own, personal dream world in a 200 year old French mansion in a small town in the Vosges. In stylish, exclusive double rooms and playrooms with unlimited possibilities, you can let your imagination run free and experience an unforgettable weekend.

With us, your own fetish can be lived out freely with your partner. We are also happy to support beginners with information and instructions.

Let us pamper you - whether in our wellness area with sauna and whirlpool, at breakfast or a 3-course dinner in the evening.

It's YOUR weekend!

Come as guests and leave as friends


   We look forward to your visit!

Due to the current situation, we will only offer our weekends from December 2021 for 2G (fully vaccinated or recovered within six months, with a valid certificate). All the others have to wait for the rest of the unvaccinated people to be largely infected in order to get a level of herd immunity. Only then will we be able to take back the restrictions in order to protect ourselves and our guests accordingly.

If you are interested in a personal event with several couples, we can possibly offer a separate weekend on request, but then without the welcome part and with very reduced contacts.

Since we are interested in a wide range of uses, we now offer a wide variety of weekend types. Just have a look under reservation-requests .

Of course we are always available for questions and reservations. You can reach us via mail. For reservation-requests have a look at the offered possible dates.


We are present at following fares:

In 2023 we have no time for fares.

Otherwise, you can also find us in JOYclub at JOYclub.com, where we also advertise our weekend events:



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