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SM Hotel Maison Loeffel - house rules 



Our house is a complete no-smoking area. Only in the garden you have the possibility to smoke.


Normally, bringing pets is not possible. Please talk to us about bringing your pet with you in Advance

Play rooms

The use of the play rooms are at your own risk. In case of doubt, ask for a briefing so as not to endanger yourself and others unnecessarily. Wax games are not allowed. In addition, nights in the game rooms are not allowed and it should be waived with the windows open on noise.

Outdoor area

Please note that our outdoor area is not a play area. In areas without visual protection, consideration should also be given to spectators when wearing clothing.


We provide a high-quality facility distributed throughout the house. Please treat all play equipment, furniture and all inventory with care and tidiness. Used whips please hang back on the whip board and with a sign to clean 'mark. Please clean the toys and furniture used in the game rooms autonomously with the provided disinfectants or, if necessary, lay them on the floor, so that we can thoroughly clean and disinfect them again. NS and KV games are only allowed in the shower and leftovers have to be removed. Please throw your own hygiene products such as Condoms in the provided dustbin. Containers containing body fluids must be self-cleaned. Please insert used towels in the game rooms into the tons available there.

In fetish clothing or naked to sit down in the Ground floor please use the towels available in the bar room (glass cupboard) to protect the seating.


If you want to use our sauna, you should let us know an hour before we start the heating. Sauna towels are available in the sauna room. Please take your bathrobe and slippers out of your room and use them.



The whirlpool may be used independently after a first briefing. The night rest from 22:00 to 07:00 o'clock must however be kept. To hang the bathrobes hooks are present on the roof.

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