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Senones is a French town in the Vosges area in the Grand Est region (formerly Lorraine). The city was built around a Benedictine abbey in the 7th century. The population peaked at more than 4,700 people over 100 years ago, mainly due to the growing textile industry in the region and factories in the city. In World War I, Senones was on the front line between Germany and France. In the course of the war the factories were looted and almost all buildings have been destroyed. After World War I the population was 370 inhabitants. Currently it is a little less than 2500.

There are interesting short walks nearby, beautiful hiking opportunities, that are easily accessible by car on lakesand also the opportunity for winter sports (Gérardmer). The closest two cities are Strasbourg (70 km) and Saint Dié (20 km). 


from km
Liege, Belgium 360
Brussels, Belgium 410
Rotterdam, Netherlands 550
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