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SM Hotel Maison Loeffel - our hotel  


In the past we have tried different venues and always thought about how we would realize such a location. Now that we have the opportunity, we try to offer our fetish concept in a sociable gathering with joint meals on a high level and a suitable ambience.

Our guests are free to move around the house wearing whatever they want. For the BDSM several playrooms are available, with plenty of utensils and various BDSM-furniture to play with. We are happy to instruct you in the use and are helpful, if you have any questions.

A sauna and a whirlpool are also available.

On the ground floor are the kitchen, dining room, living room, bar, office and the sauna room. On the first floor are the rooms for the guests and on the second floor hosts the playrooms. A public toilet on the ground floor, an additional shower bath in the sauna room and a shower bath close to the playrooms are accessible for everyone.

Here some pictures:                     

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