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SM Hotel Maison Loeffel - requests  


For questions, suggestions and comments of any kind please use the mail form:


For the inquiry of a weekend please specify the number of persons, the number of desired rooms and the desired weekend with arrival and departure dates. We will contact you as soon as possible by email or phone.

For other wishes or dates, that are not offered here, you can still make a request. We will then see if something is possible.

Here is the list of the planed weekends

date-range remarks
--------------------- ---------------
06.03.-08.03.2020 fair Obscene
20.03.-22.03.2020 canceled
27.03.-29.03.2020 canceled
17.04.-19.04.2020 canceled
15.05.-17.05.2020 canceled
22.05.-24.05.2020 canceled
19.06.-21.06.2020 canceled
03.07.-05.07.2020 canceled
04.09.-06.09.2020 Bondage-WE
23.10.-25.10.2020 FemDom-WE
06.11.-08.11.2020 BDSM-WE Munic
27.11.-29.11.2020 BDSM-Advent
31.12.-03.01.2021 FemDom NewYear

Bondage WE:

A bondage workshop takes place here, in which an attempt is made to respond to the previous knowledge and, as far as possible, to give a suspension. There are enough opportunities. We'll see what talents are hidden in each one, but nothing can be promised here beforehand. We focus on the pleasure of bondage and the safety of those involved. Due to the necessary materials, there will be other prices that are currently being calculated (surcharge workshop and surcharge for any necessary equipment, i.e. ropes).



This is a guided weekend in which both the mistresses and their slaves should collect new experiences together. There will also be common tasks for the slaves to fulfill, as well as individual tasks that can then be strengthened or weakened by the mistress. In advance, it is necessary to submit NoGos (submissive / maso) and wishes (dom / sad) to us in order to make the task stack appealing.

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